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Author Support Desk makes support simple again. You don’t need the headache or the expense or the bloatware – and neither do your customers. Whether they reach out to you with questions, want to find answers on their own, or need to be proactively engaged, Author Support Desk makes communicating with customers easy and efficient. Your service desk isn’t just software. It’s where agents meet users; where people meet technology. Author Support Desk makes sure that agents are able to support users with minimum fuss, & at the same time enjoy themselves, driving up efficiency & productivity. Which means happier agents & happier users, all thanks to a stunningly efficient Author Support Desk. Author Support Desk lets you customize your colors to match your brand for a seamless customer experience. Author Support Desk is designed to easily integrate with Envato, making it simple to import Envato products and verify purchases. Author Support Desk clean design and interface makes the support process simple and intuitive for you and – more importantly – your customers.Contact Our Support.

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